Slavery, Suffrage, Poverty: Winckley Square Guided Walk


Friday 8th March 2024

2:00 pm till 3:15 pm | Centre of Winckley Square Gardens Winckley Square , Winckley Square, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3JJ

8 March is International Women’s Day. We will celebrate the lives of women in the past who campaigned for equality: women’s suffrage, slavery abolition and mother and child well-being. All are associated with the Winckley Square Quarter.

When people hear the stories of these real women, they are often astonished, shocked, or just plain resigned to the fact that back then life wasn’t ‘fair’.

When we learned in school that life was unequal, we understood it as part of the broad sweep of history. However, come and meet the actual women affected by it, stand where they stood, hear how they firstly resisted the status quo and then drove change. Understand better how the norms of the time were designed to keep them ‘out’ of the world of male comfort and hear how they were pioneers in breaking down structural barriers and paving the way for others to claim their rightful place as equals. Susan Douglass and Patricia Harrison will introduce you to women who were ‘female firsts’.

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