Talk “The Lot of a Woman in a Man’s World” Speaker: Susan Douglass, Preston Art Festival

Monday 7th October 2019

2:30 pm till 3:15 pm | St Wilfrid's Parish Centre, Chapel Street, Preston PR1 8BU

Susan Douglass will focus on The Lot of a Woman in a Man’s World. Using detailed research on the lives of six women who lived or worked in Winckley Square between 1830 and 1968, Susan explores how strictly defined roles and responsibilities of women affected their lives and how they pushed against the boundaries towards participation and empowerment.

Jane Wilson, a gentleman’s wife living a privileged life amongst Preston’s elite who died at the hands of male medical practitioners. Men firmly unreceptive to new ideas or arguments.

Henrietta Miller, a wealthy heiress; abused by her young husband over a number of years, she battled against the social norms of the day to find happiness.

The first headmistress of the Preston High School for Girls, Louisa Walsh, was instrumental in shaping women’s education in Preston, yet suffered a very public humiliation in the process.

Headmistresses Alice Stephenson and Alice Stoneman followed in Louisa’s footsteps. Having fought for rights of recognition of their own qualifications, they supported the fight for women’s suffrage and had a lasting influence on Preston women’s education.

Dorothy Heaton was Preston’s first woman solicitor and Commandant of the Women’s Auxiliary Police Corps in WWII. A pioneer of women’s legal rights, her speciality was matrimonial work. She was much sought after by women at a time when divorce rights were still complicated for women.

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