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Winckley Square Heritage

Winckley Square is a key part of Preston’s history. It was the brainchild of local lawyer William Cross.

It marked the first planned residential expansion of Preston at the beginning of the 19th Century. William Cross purchased Town End Field from the Winckley estate in 1796. Winckley Street, Winckley Place and subsequently Winckley Square have been named after the Winckley family which had been in Preston since the 16th Century. 

It was originally established and developed as a restricted, exclusive residential area around an enclosed square it was subsequently laid out as a series of individual private gardens for the residents.

Winckley Square: Extract from OS Map 1849
Winckley Square: Extract from OS Map 1849
Winckley Square Gardens aerial view 1926
The earliest aerial photograph we have of the Square when it was individual gardens is 1926

Winckley Square later became open gardens for the public to enjoy. Some of the residents still own their individual garden plots which are leased to the City Council. Read more about the history of the gardens.