The Miller family, 1897

Meet some of our former residents

It’s easy to become focused on the buildings and gardens of Winckley Square and to lose sight of the people who designed and built the properties and those who followed; living, working and playing here over the past two centuries. In this section we aim to ‘repopulate’ the Square by exploring the stories of residents from the past.

We try to reflect a wide variety of characters in the section.  We include the well-known stories of wealthy, famous and powerful men with connections but we also highlight the equally fascinating stories of women who had a great impact on the evolution of the Square and the unsung folk, men and women, whose roles as servants and workers enabled their employers to live the lifestyles they did.

Wherever possible we try to relate what people did to the times in which they lived. We draw on national issues which affected them at the time. We try hard not to judge people in the past by our standards today, which can be difficult!

Members of the Friends of Winckley Square (FoWS) as part of this HLF initiative have had training in the use of historical sources and have then undertaken research on individuals from the past. The profiles that follow are just the start. We welcome new members who might like to become researchers and writers in this ongoing project.

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Cornelia Connelly

Date 1809 - 1879Find out more

Ellen Cross

Date 1783 - 1849Find out more

William Cross

Date 1771 - 1827Find out more

James German

Date 1820 - 1901Find out more

Nicholas Grimshaw

Date 1757 - 1838Find out more

Dorothy Heaton

Date 1914 - 1983Find out more

Henrietta Miller

Date 1852 - 1926Find out more

Nathaniel Miller

Date 1849 - 1933Find out more

Mary Ogle

Date 1807 - 1897Find out more

Frances (Fanny) Parr

Date 1824 - 1886Find out more

Edith Rigby

Date 1872 - 1950Find out more

Marian Roberts

Date 1902 - 2007Find out more

Todd Sisters

Date 1908 - 2012Find out more

James Todd

Date 1863 - 1931Find out more

Beatrice Todd

Date 1876 - 1958Find out more

Louisa Frances Walsh

Date 1854 - 1909Find out more

Thomas Winckley

Date 1731 - 1794Find out more